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Welcome to the online store of
Jean Factor UK Ltd

We Are:
An online jean store, e-retailing branded and designer label jeans and casual clothing at heavily discounted prices, our speciality is the sourcing of discounted products directly from the manufacturer, with particular emphasis given to items the high street stores fail to stock. For instance the brand: Amazing Woman Jeans, this is a range of high waist jeans designed for the mature woman, our prices are up to 70% off retail, another example is the men's Bleu Bolt Jeans range, the styles are regular to very baggy and can be worn as such, but if someone has "sports thighs" a baggy jean can be worn as regular fit, sizes up to 46 waist, our prices are usually the lowest on the web.

Prices: we don't sell Cheap Jeans, we sell heavily discounted jeans, this means you are buying in to a far higher quality jean.

Who Buys From Us?
That's easy. You do! We supply jeans and casual clothing suitable for Men and Women of any age, shape or size, unlike the high street, we have no restrictions on our size range.

How Can We Help You?
We specialise in servicing niche problem areas and receive requests for help every day, typically:

What are the best jeans for women over 40 - or over 50?
Where can I buy jeans with a high riser for a mature women?
Do you stock jeans for women with curves?
I can never find jeans to fit me!
I must be an odd shape; I always struggle to find jeans!

And to add a little extra male balance:

Do you stock slim bootcut jeans for men?
Where can I buy extra short leg 27 inch men's jeans?
What are the best jeans for men with big or muscular thighs?
What are the best Men's Jeans for work?
Do you stock 36 inch long leg jeans?

The list is endless, but as you can see contain a common theme, one that we are particularly good at resolving! So, if YOU are having problems finding the right jean why not email us at: sales@jeanfactor.co.uk with your requirements, and we will do our very best to help.

Variable Stock Lines:
Although we supply a constantly changing array of discounted clothing brands some are permanently available; Bleu Bolt Jeans, Amazing Woman Jeans, Zen, APT, Amazing and FB Jeans to name just a few, however, even the most popular of the jean brands suffer from temporary stock shortages (some of which may take up to a year to rectify) add to that our speciality of buying end of season lines results in a significant uncertainty of the replenishment timetable. If we firmly believe we have a realistic possibility of replenishing an item we will maintain a presence on our website of the category or product even after selling out, therefore, should you find an item displaying missing sizes or a sold out tag in the product size options it means we are still actively seeking to restock that item, please accept our apologies for its absence.

Our Product Descriptions - Explained:
The navigation links throughout our web pages are written in such a way as to facilitate your search for a particular style of jean or other item of clothing. See example below:

Mens Regular Fit Jeans
The first word (Mens) We try to use gender as the first style filter.

The centre words (Regular Fit) we try to use the generally accepted denim industry standard description and therefore describe the style of the jean (not the leg length)

The last word (Jeans) We try to use common UK apparel category names as the last style filter.

Style Descriptions; Incremental:
Ultra Skinny - Skinny - Tight - Slim - Regular - Comfort - Loose - Baggy - Mega Baggy.